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Weldtite Inner Tube Sealant (Dr Sludge/Slime) 250ml

Weldtite Inner Tube Sealant (Dr Sludge/Slime) 250ml

SKU: 284215376135191

Guard against punctures with our top-choice inner tube sealant, engineered to keep you on the ride without interruptions. Designed to swiftly seal punctures as they occur, the sealant's fibers instantly and permanently plug holes with minimal pressure loss.


Featuring an integrated valve core removal tool built into the cap (exclusive to the 250ml size), our sealant is compatible with Presta and Schrader valves.


Formulated with anti-corrosive properties, our sealant is wheel, tire, and bike-friendly, boasting no unpleasant odors. Plus, it's easy to wash out of tires, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.


  • Protection sealant to provide ongoing prevention against punctures in tyres
  • Environmentally friendly water based formula
  • Also for use on trailers, wheelbarrows, golf carts etc.
  • Suitable for Schrader type and other valves with removable cores
  • Core removal tool included with easy applicator nozzle
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