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About Us


The Begining

The buggy business was founded in 2010 by Graeme Slater, a father of five, and initially began with the sale of secondhand baby equipment.


The focus of the business swiftly shifted towards repairing and retailing buggies and prams. Graeme subsequently became a certified Maclaren service agent, undergoing training at the original Maclaren factory in Long Buckby, England, to specialise in servicing and repairing buggy chassis.


Over time, the business expanded its services to include pram and buggy cleaning, as well as the restoration of vintage coach-built prams. With thirteen years of dedicated experience in cleaning, repairing, and selling both new and pre-owned buggies, the business stands as a testament to Graeme's expertise and commitment to quality.

Our Process

We use the power of steam to clean fabrics here at the buggy repair centre. With temperatures reaching 360 degrees it destroys 99% of all bacteria, mould and allergens so when you get your buggy back you can be sure its been properly sanitised and cleaned. On top of this, the heat produced from steam cleaning also loosens and breaks down dirt making it easier to clean fabrics.


Our Eco Friendly Approach

We are very conscious of our carbon footprint and try our very best to make as little impact on the environment as possible. With the use of water, household soap and no harsh chemicals we attempt to create a sustainable business that has little negative impact on the planet. 

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