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Our Services

Valet & Service

Freshen Up      Deep Clean


Fabrics removed from chassis

Fabrics steam cleaned

Bumper/handle bar cleaned

Excessive dirt removed*

Mould treatment*

Odour neutralised*

Suncream & cat hair removal

Fabrics stitched

Fabrics de-bobbled

Poppers checked/replaced 

Rain cover/s cleaned

Footmuff cleaned

Chassis & Wheels

Chassis & wheels washed

Wheels assemblies - checked

Tyres /tubes  - checked/inflated

Brakes - checked/serviced

Handle mechanism – lubricated/tested

Folding mechanisms – lubricated

Seat Recline – checked/lubricated

Harness - checked/reset

Lubricate all other moving parts

Tyres dressed

Scuffs removed**

Paintwork/chrome polished

Repairs undertaken***

Parts replaced***

* We will make every effort to remove dirt, grime, stains, and mold; however, we cannot guarantee complete removal. Rest assured, all fabrics will be 100% sanitised and safe.

** Most scuffs can be eliminated, but if they have penetrated through to the metal, they become scratches and cannot be removed.

*** Please contact us first before booking regarding any repairs to determine what needs to be done and to discuss any additional costs. If we discover a fault during the process, we will reach out to you to discuss the next steps.

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Small Buggy

£30 Freshen Up

£40 Deep Clean

Small umbrella buggy

2-3 working days



£70 Freshen Up

£80 Deep Cleen

chassis | cot | seat unit

Add a Bed-side-crib for £20

3-4 working days


Single Buggy

or Pram

£50 Freshen Up

£60 Deep Clean

Chassis + Seat unit or Cot or Carseat

3-4 working days



£90 Freshen Up

£100 Deep Clean

chassis | cot | seat | any car seat

Add a Bed-side-crib for £20

3-4 working days

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Double Buggy

£60 Freshen Up

£70 Deep Clean

Double buggy

£10 extra for double prams

3-4 working days

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Coach Built

Dolls &

Coach Built Prams

from £90

Valeting, servicing  & refurbishing

of traditional coach-built prams

and dolls prams.

Please message us first to work out what needs to be done.

Valet Single Item

Clean Only


Car Seat


Cleaning of single car seats

Any size, including padding



Sling / Carrier

 £25 - £40

Front Slings / Carriers &  Back Cariers

Baby Bjorn £25

Ergo £35

Back Pack £40

2-4 working days

Whitagram-Image 4.JPG

Cot or Seat Unit

Single £35

Both £50

Cleaning of a seat unit

and/or cot unit

2-4 working days


Bedside Crib


Next To Me 

Snuz Pod

2-4 working days

Repair | Service

repair whitebackground-01_edited_edited.


£35 + Parts

Axles, brakes, bearings, buttons, clips, cables, latches, poppers, riveting, tyres, tubes and wheels, etc.

Please get in touch by giving us a call 0131 226 4141 so that we can get a better understanding of what repairs to your buggy are required before booking.

1 -2 working days

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£30 + (Repair & Parts)

We begin by thoroughly power washing the buggy chassis, effectively eliminating dirt and grime. After ensuring the chassis is completely dry, we proceed with lubrication and a meticulous inspection of all its components. Our goal is to identify any parts that require repair or replacement.

During the inspection, we carefully examine key elements such as bearings, rivets, axles, springs, latches, locks, buttons, cables, tires, tubes, and handle foam. To facilitate efficient service, we maintain a stock of commonly needed parts in our shop. In cases where specific parts are not readily available, we can promptly order them from most manufacturers.

24 hrs

Repair & Service

Home Collection | Send To Us


Home Collection

For Orders £70+

  • For orders of £70 and over

  • Within and around the Edinburgh Bypass - Not in the ULEZ area

  • Book a slot 

  • Fill in your details

  • We collect from your address

  • We will text you once the work is complete

  • You pay the outstanding and your items are returned home


Send To Us

Request To Send

Fill in your details to send your items for cleaning. 

We use DPD which costs approx £20 to send to us from a UK address

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